First part of the work :
September 2000


I purchased Le Bazaneix recently. I commenced immediately with some jobs but I am waiting impatiently to start with the first part of the work. It is the timber of the roof. First we shall place support for the walls to protect any unstable parts. The timber will be replaced partially and repaired. The roof will be covered with slates the way it was originally while the priority is to keep the water out. .

C'est l'entreprise Boutin qui s'en occupe, une jeune entreprise qui a l'amour du travail bien fait.

The next step will be the replacement of beams and after that the castle can be considered as saved. The rest is less relevant for the moment .

Concerning the outbuildings, these are in well order. Central heating is foreseen and they will be rented as holiday homes.



La différence de niveau sur la toiture est du au fait que la charpente est tout à fait différente de facture et que les niveaux intérieurs le sont aussi.Cette curiosité sera atténuée lorsque la souche de cheminée des cheminées du murs de refend sera sortie.



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