Current state


As you can see Le Bazaneix is in a serious state of degradation. That is why you will find a call for supporters.
We already started to clean the rubble and to sort the stones. Particularly I want to thank all people who have been so kind to help me.
I have never had a disappointing experience at Le Bazaneix. The construction is made of granite and during the middle ages people knew how to work… I regret that there have been these people pillaging the castle without being held responsible and punishment.
The chimneys have been cut out and placed in little houses, ridiculous !!

We are now at the third floor. As you see this chimney has been stolen too. There are a few supporting stones left so a stone-mason can build a new one. The roof has to be rebuilt completely and there are no beams or any timber left.


This is a recent image and the building is covered by vegetation. We just received approval to start the work. The plaster has to be removed to get the stones and the original coloring back.
At the first floor, a chamber in the XVIII century style, now in a state of decay. Look down on the floor at the destroyed passage… Le Bazaneix is also a discovery of a number of details, one by one. This room was until recent accessible.

Nous avons commencé à couper les arbres et à traîter, la végétation a endommagé la maçonnerie.

La girouette a été descendue, pour être entièrement restaurée et dorée à la feuille par Monsieur Marc Dusart,
président d'honneur de notre association

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